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Two women dressed in red dance around a red keyboard.

Begin Again

A collaboration with Cat and the Queen


A celebratory song summoning for a changing world

We pray. Privately. Not with any particular religious affiliation or dogma to it, just that free-wheeling kind of prayer that emerges when life knocks us to our knees. You know those times. You’re in those times? Phew. Us too. A global pandemic will do that. Begin Again makes those private prayers public: a gift from our achy hearts to yours, wrapped in a poem, and tied up with a beat.  Join us on a musical journey of gentle and raucous tenderness.

Created and performed by Sasha Singer-Wilson & CATQ

Directed by Lou Jurgens

Begin Again was part of The Toronto Fringe Next Stage Community Booster Theatre Shorts, January 21-24, 2021


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