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Creative Consultancy & Dramaturgy

I am a freelance creative consultant and dramaturge, and assist writers at all levels on projects big and small.


I help people overcome creative blocks, develop craft, hone their voice, and complete their projects.​ 

  • Do you have the seed of an idea but no clue where to plant it?

    I offer engaged and practical support with getting started.


  • Do you have a dozen half-finished projects but don't know how to complete them?

    Let's design a creative process that allows you to bring each piece to completion with step-by-step coaching, comprehensive deadlines, and feedback sessions. 


  • Are you working towards a big creative project (a book, poetry collection, full length play, screenplay) but find yourself mired in overwhelm, doubt, and procrastination; unsure how to shape both the form and the content?

    I offer creative consulting designed specifically for whatever your project needs; from story planning and editing, to co-authorship, to ghostwriting.

    Let's talk.

Photo by Scarlet O'Neill, little tongues rehearsals at Loft404, June 2012, Toronto, ON.

Leaves Shadow

"I highly recommend Sasha's "Let's Write" sessions. Sasha is an exceptional session leader - setting up a welcoming, safe, creative space for writers to take risks, be vulnerable and share with abandon. I find her sessions especially useful for opening the floodgates of creativity without judgement. A perfect antidote to writer's block, and a playground for established creatives to stretch and experiment." 

Shaina Silver-Baird (Actor, musician & writer) 

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