a site specific, one-on-one performance that asks who we are when we're alone.

“Am I most myself when I’m alone? If so, what does that say about me? Working with the available light of their site, the artists Inside offer us one to one encounters with(in) the privacy of others.”
– SummerWorks curator Guillermo Verdecchia

“Does the public presentation of yourself differ from the self you experience in private?”
“What’s one thing you’ll only do when you’re alone at home?”
“If someone were to peek in on you, alone, in your bedroom, or kitchen, or garage, what might they learn about who you truly are?”

Inside is a series of site-specific one-on-one encounters in a secret location apartment that ask who we are when we’re alone, at home. Sasha and collaborator Cat and the Queen build Inside around kernels of truth, dipped in fluorescent colours – a celebration of shared humanness in all its strangeness, simplicity and beauty. 

The workshop production of Inside took place in Toronto, August 9-12th, 2014. 



Created by Sasha Singer-Wilson and Cat Montgomery
with John Gordon, Sarah Jurgens, Krista Mennell, Mark Paci, and Nadeem Phillip


Inside was presented as part of SummerWorks Performance Festival, August 4-14, 2016. Founded in 1991, SummerWorks Performance Festival is Canada's largest curated performance festival of theatre, dance, music, and live art.

at SummerWorks
Created by Cat Montgomery and Sasha Singer-Wilson 
with John Gordon, Tabby Johnson, Craig Henderson, Sarah Jurgens, Krista Mennell, Nadeem Phillip, Adrian Rebucas,

Giovanni Spina and Jada White

Produced by the blood projects and Cat and the Queen 

Read an interview with Sasha about Inside at SummerWorks with Shaina Silver-Baird from In The Greenroom.


Photograph of Tabby Johnson by Dahlia Katz.




Participant point of view: Samantha Madely.

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