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Five inspirations, compiled monthly 

February ​​​


  • Time in the kitchen is helping me a great deal with the winter ughs. I just made these (I halved the sugar, and added chocolate, raisins and dried cranberries), and this (all I can say is: WOW), and highly recommend both.

  • Harper's compiles a monthly index that is fascinating, heartbreaking, fun, and informative. I encourage you to go back into the archives.

  • I'm delighted that My Ocean was included in 100 Plays to Save the World, published by Nick Hern Books, by Elizabeth Freestone and Jeanie O'Hare. To have this play hanging out amongst legends like Alanna Mitchell’s Sea Sick, Colleen Murphy’s The Breathing Hole, and Chantal Bilodeau’s Forward, is an honour and delight.

  • I have been listening to and loving the podcast Heavyweight. My favourite is to listen while walking home from the store carrying the groceries for the aforementioned cooking, and then following up with another episode while chopping.

  • This stunning Karima Walker song, Softer.

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