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these five minutes


these five minutes ​was a daily creative writing project from 2011-2020. Sasha and her writing partner Julia, chose an inspirational "dip", set the timer for five minutes, and wrote. The two posted these unedited, pocket-sized stories daily, for eight years.


these five minutes: volume one, a curated collection of the online posts, was released in hard copy in March 2012.


these five minutes: resident writing group, hosted by Sasha and Julia, featured writers Caitlin Fysh, Taylor Graham, Dianne Oliveira, Natalie Remplakowski, Susan Stover, and Kat Webber. It was established in October 2013 and the group gathered weekly for timed writing practice up until the Spring of 2014.


these five minutes hosted seasonal writer's workouts where Julia and Sasha guided new and seasoned writers through their pocket-sized writing practice. 





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