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An open notebook with writing and laptop.

Write with me

I am a freelance dramaturge and creative consultant, and assist writers at all levels on projects big and small. I help people overcome creative blocks, develop craft, hone their voice, and complete their projects.​ 

  • Do you have the seed of an idea but no clue where to plant it?

    I offer engaged and practical support with getting started.


  • Do you have a dozen half-finished projects but don't know how to complete them?

    Let's design a creative process that allows you to bring each piece to completion with step-by-step coaching, comprehensive deadlines, and feedback sessions. 


  • Are you working towards a big creative project (a book, a full length play, a screenplay) but find yourself mired in overwhelm, doubt, and procrastination; unsure how to shape both the form and the content?

    I offer creative consulting designed specifically for whatever your project needs; from story planning and editing, to co-authorship, to ghostwriting.

    Let's talk.

What clients are saying

"Sasha is my creative fairy godmother. Why did it take me so long to engage her services? She has managed to do the impossible: inject joy and energy into the task of editing a large manuscript. I had come to a full stop with my project. I needed help and direction, and Sasha came to my rescue with gentle guidance, thoughtful questions, subtle prods, laughter and inspiration. Most importantly to me, she has a light touch, never pushing her ideas as a writer into my creative space, though I suspect she could deftly wield a sledge and a crowbar if that’s what’s needed. I am so grateful to have found her."

Cynthia Hawkins, writer


"When you’re working on a project that is close to your heart, having a creative midwife like Sasha is a gift. Her wise guidance, encouragement, and feedback helped me to move my project along. She was fully present to my creative process and created a safe container for the process to unfold. Our meetings were motivating, affirming, fun, and incredibly helpful. Without her magic, I know that my project would have taken so much longer to complete."


Shelagh Lenon, owner of 1912 Aromatherapy & Rest Garden

"Song lyrics come to mind: “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.” Better words could not describe how I was feeling about my writing project when I reached out to Sasha for help. My heart is now overflowing with joy, hope and deep faith in what I am birthing. Sasha truly is a creative midwife extraordinaire. She brings excellence and wisdom to the skill of writing well, even as she wraps loving arms around the writer and their birthing process. My due date gets closer and closer because of her."

Sage Walker, psychotherapist and teacher

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