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Sasha Singer-Wilson

(she/her) is a Tkaronto based multidisciplinary artist of Ashkenazi Jewish and European descent who works in performance, theatre-making, writing, music, and facilitation.


With a practice rooted in the project-specific exploration of creative form and process and the tensions and play between them, her work explores climate justice, place, caregiving, ritual, intergenerational relationships, and the voice. Curious about how we might centre care, relationality and decolonization in scholarship, creation and performance, Sasha teaches/learns at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre and York University, and has facilitated workshops and taught courses with organizations across the country. A graduate of the Acting Conservatory at York, Sasha has an MFA in Theatre and Creative Writing from UBC.


Currently working on a multidisciplinary performance about caregiving in the polycrisis, Sasha writes a monthly newsletter and is adapting a play for the screen.​​


​You can reach her here

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