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little tongues


little tongues


You smell vegetables cooking in the frying pan. Candles glow as the sun sets though the loft windows. You are a fly-on-the-wall of a family dinner where more than just a bottle of gin gets broken. Secrets are revealed that will change the Phillips family forever.

"Stellar off-site debut by writer Sasha Singer-Wilson... The total commitment to realism is stunning, with strong dialogue and outstanding performances from the entire seven-member ensemble creating an absorbing and deeply emotional narrative."

- NNNNN, NOW Magazine


Outstanding Production & Outstanding Ensemble

NOW Magazine



little tongues took place in the beautiful and eclectic Adelaide St. Loft 404, where the thirty person audience were intimate voyeurs during the dinner of the hilarious and heartbreaking Phillips’ family.


Directed by Paul Lampert (director of Theatre PANIK's "Territories", named one of NOW's Outstanding New Plays of 2005, six seasons at the Shaw Festival), little tongues is an in-your-face look at family and it’s idiosyncrasies.

little tongues premiered at The Toronto Fringe Festival, in the site specific Loft 404, July 5-13, 2012.


little tongues

Written by Sasha Singer-Wilson
Directed by Paul Lampert

Featuring Karen Glave, Melee Hutton, Sarah Jurgens, Niki Landau, Jamie Maczko, Sasha Singer-Wilson & Mark Wilson

Dramaturgy by Julia Pileggi
Assistant Directed & Stage Managed by Erin Kehoe

Produced by The Toronto Fringe Festival and the blood projects

Photography by Scarlet O'Neill

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